The reasons for this, we believe, lie in the fact that before we can bring anything into reality, it basically needs to have the previous vision in order for something to become anything at all.
Especially in the recent past, the public’s desire for the truth has become so loud that no one can understand anything anymore because of all the screaming. The truth movement, conspiracy theories and practices of all sorts of ideas. Lizard people, Flat Earthers, it’s sheer madness. So many gloomy end-time predictions and half-scientific phantasms that we thought: Let’s found a magazine.

At Fiction Magazine we intentionally blur these lines, in our editorial office our writers work hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence. This creates stories that sometimes come from reality or not.
The reader is free to interpret the written word in one way or another. Only the editorial management knows which of the contributions are real.

Of course, we need your support so that our idea can continue to grow.
Anyone who is creative and likes to write can contact us to become one of our authors.
If you like to read, you can even win something if you find the right story. Every four months we solve the puzzle and our editorial team determines the winners with the help of our virtual employee AI Jack.


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