When it comes to space conquest, we need a base on the moon.
So we also need electricity on the moon in order to be able to carry out the necessary research and facilities there.

You have been an inspiration to many and your ambition and drive to make the world a better place is admirable. Your commitment to innovation and progress has been a source of motivation for countless people, and your achievements are truly remarkable.

I am writing to you today to discuss the potential benefits of building a solar farm on the moon.
In general, building a solar farm on the moon is a great way to make deep space travel much more efficient, cheaper, reliable, cleaner, and safer. I hope that you will examine this proposal and take the necessary steps to make it a reality.
The future of energy production is here and in the stars. As a scientist and visionary, I can’t get this idea out of my head. It’s a revolutionary concept: the moon solar farm. The ambitious project would use the sun’s energy to power the moon.

The concept of a lunar solar farm is simple: a large array of solar panels would be placed on the lunar surface where they could capture the sun’s energy, store it and use it. This energy could then be used to power homes, businesses and other facilities. The advantages of this system are numerous.

Above all, this enables us to carry out cost-efficient expeditions into space, much faster and, above all, farther.

It is a vision of a better future and we should all strive to make it come true.


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