2023 a season of transformation.

We at Random Colors have a lot planned for this year.
At one of the last board meetings, one of the topics was how we can emphasize our contribution to more sustainability. There was a big lecture on this, which primarily dealt with consumer behavior and the associated consequences for our environment. In reality, few are aware of the devastating impact human consumption has on the environment.

Class instead of mass,

In a world where you can have anything

In a world where you can have anything at any time, where you have made great efforts to ensure that every product is delivered to the customer within 24 hours, what is special about that. Nothing at all.
When we started to build up our fashion label in 2021, we had raised the bar right from the start. No large inventories and no precarious working conditions in manufacturing. The products had to be of absolutely high quality, which is of course noticeable in purchasing. But what was also important for us from the very beginning is that you can get our clothes anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you live in Cape Town, Shanghai, New York or Berlin. However, the delivery routes should be as efficient and short as possible. You are ordering from Spain: the product is produced in Southern Europe. You order in Riga, the product is made in Northern Europe.
In fact, we are able to guarantee just that for the majority of our products.

Everything is limited

The decision we finally made was: Everything gets a limit!!
Our technicians and e-commerce specialists are currently working on the implementation.

Each of our products gets a limit, so none of our designs will be available indefinitely. The default is a maximum of 1000 pieces. 1000 pieces for the whole world, yes exactly.
This is a real challenge for our product development and our designers, because no matter how successful a creation is, the product is sold out after 1000 copies. Sometimes that can happen very quickly, and then the creative people here work up a sweat.

In return, we guarantee the customer a certain exclusivity. Because your clothes have a maximum of 1000 other people in the world. This makes us at least as exclusive as Versace, but only twice as expensive as Calvin Klein.

It’s a fact that our label is much cooler anyway.

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