In this magazine we will step between the borders of reality and fiction. This might sound crazy, but we’re completely serious.

Some of you have probably already noticed that we have recently been employing and training artificial intelligence such as our Support Manager Jack. But Jack is far from the only one, an now you can communicate with him directly on our site. The cool thing is every time you do this, Jack learns from it.
This can be really funny at times as he can do a lot more than just answer questions about our products. Try it out if you want.

In FI-MAG we will go much further, because here our AI’s will write authors and articles, columns, travel reports and also conduct interviews.
For us at RANDOM COLOURS it is an absolutely exciting matter, but also science that we do here. We have already published the first results of this work in the last few weeks. Our AI’s have different characters or different avatars with which they identify, which also leads to different results in the work they do.
With FI-MAG we are breaking new ground in every respect.


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