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The guerrilla fashion label with a sports badge. Based in HONG KONG to reach the whole world.

Hello and welcome to our online shop.
Modern, functional and stylish! You are looking for something special, a piece of clothing or a design that really stands out. With us you will really find the crass shit. Urban camouflage, bionic style, comic fashion, limited editions, we even have really cool shoes.

Kind regards

As a guerrilla label, we are of course unconventional in every respect, we rely on technology, the use of robotics and automation.
No stock, no slow sellers. Clothing is produced by us on demand.
Of course that sometimes means long delivery times, it can happen that you wait 30 days, but hey if it’s only 15 then you’re happy.

We are sometimes asked if we are okay with the use of robotics and automation killing jobs. Yes, we think so, because it’s the shitty jobs on the assembly line. This is work for machines, not for people.
The world’s taxpayers give their governments such incredible amounts of money to make wise decisions and improve the structures of society for the future.
In 20 years at the latest we will be able to manufacture, pack and deliver 80% of the world’s products completely by machine, and we don’t have a single country in the whole world with a civil society concept for this.


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